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Read friends and family's thoughts about Duane. Duane was a truly unique character. He got on some people's nerves dodging work, including mine. But then he would make you laugh because of it. His silly but genuine nature brought humor to some while he had a way to make people feel special. Duane was the type of person that would immediately ask a cashier how their day was first. I thought that was really wonderful. He will truly, always be remembered fondly with love.

Steve’s Remembrance

thoughts abotu duane

I met Duane in the mid 70’s at a Concord Park show when he was with Parcol. I asked if they needed any help with their equipment and they let me help load up their gear.

The next time I met Duane was when I was working at the old Skyway Drive-In, in Halls. I got a complaint that there was some people in the back row acting up, so I went to investigate and it was Duane and his cousins. I gave them a bag of popcorn and we became friends for life. I could tell you many, many stories of the adventures of Duane and myself but I’d have to write a book. Needless to say, I think of him every day and miss him terribly.

Steve Allen

Rick’s Remembrance

thoughts about duane

I first met Duane in the 80’s as he was performing in a club. I just loved what I was hearing and approached him on his

break and we friended instantly. We had several mutual musician friends and stayed in touch. We sometimes filled in with each other’s bands and always talked of working together. Around 2001 the time finally came and as drummer and bassist we formed a bond that lasted almost 2 decades. We played almost every week in that time period with local bands such as The Hip-Twangers, Jacqui & The Tumblekings, Invisible Mind Circus and over 12 years with Kitty Wampus.

To say Duane Parks was a multi-talented musician, singer, songwriter and performer would be an understatement.

Duane had a warm, kind and deep soul you felt right away. Duane really loved his family and friends and was a proud uncle. Till we meet again at “The great gig in the sky “ I will miss our time on and off stage, our conversations, countless laughs and above all my friend.

Fly high brother!

Rick Vance

Worlds Apart

thoughts about duane

Duane and I were worlds apart, but he was my brother. When we were more or less kids, he was 9 years older than me. He was always the big protective brother, he wouldn’t put up with anyone messing with me. Although, sometime he would pick on me, but I guess that is what siblings do. We both loved music, Duane of course was the big Beatles fan and I wasn’t quite old enough to get into them. However, we both loved the Monkees and Alvin and the Chipmunk albums that often would come out in those days.

I remember Duane gave me a bunch of 45 records and he really wanted me to share his love for music. He gave them to me in a plastic made for 45 carry spindle, which I still have today with exactly what he gave me. We both love to get out the 8mm projector and watch The Three Stooges and The Keystone Cops with Abbot and Costello. Christmas was always fun for us, he would always want me to come get in the bed with him so we could share the excitement of waking up in the morning and open presents. Our dad would move around inside and out of the house jingling sleigh bells to get us both riled up.

We shared my childhood and I will never forget it. But as I got older, Duane got more and more into his music career. He went on the road with my cousins to play gigs all over. I was always a tool guy and love to work on and fix things, where as Duane would run from tools and fixing things. I have always been the physical one, get my arms around something and tackle it where as Duane found any place to hide from exerting himself. I took the positive, “I can do anything” approach, while Duane often looked at the glass half empty. Of course our whole family was pessimistic, so he came by it naturally, where I rebelled that attitude.

In many ways, we were worlds apart but we did have our things in common. We both loved my mom’s country cooking. After she passed, I did my best to recreate many of her meals and have Duane come over and eat with us. He and I had many of the same taste in TV shows and Movies. Recently Ghostbusters Afterlife came out. He and I talked about how we wanted to see it so bad back in 2017 when they first announced it. Due to the pandemic, it got delayed for years. Every time I watch it, I can’t help but think how he would have loved it and probably become one of his favorite movies of all times.

I find myself these days listening to more Beatles music than I used to. I certainly can’t watch a movie without thinking about him. He grew up smoking, drinking and trying out other stimulates here and there. I was always a nerd or geek, I never did any of that stuff. So our lifestyles were completely different and we were different but I miss getting to pick up the phone to call and check on him. Or invite him over for dinner and a movie. Losing my parents hurt and I will always miss them. But somehow, losing my brother has left me with such a whole in my life.

Rodney Parks


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