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Duane's Music and More

This page is for selling some of Duane’s music. He never could bring himself to sell his music in the beginning. My friends and I thought he was stupid, because there were a few we all felt should have been on the radio at the time. In Duane’s final days, he changed his mind and wanted to get his music out in the world.

He gave me a list of the songs he wanted to sale, I have added them to this page. There are others that he sung solo and with his bands, those are here for your listening. You can also find Duane’s songs on

If you have any of music that Duane was a part of and would like me to add it or if you knew Duane and are interested in getting a copy of one of his songs, please contact me.

Duane's Music

These 10 songs are short samples. To fully enjoy any or all of these 10 songs, click the buy button. Each song is only $0.99

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duane parks

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Parcol Gallery

Parcol was a band consisting of Duane and our cousins Larry and Steve Collins. Steve is still with us and if anyone is interested in any of these songs, please let me know. Their band was joined by Rass Treadway at some point and he also is still with us. 


Parcol Band Recordings

Fanatiks Gallery

This is a limited gallery due to not enough material. Duane kept a lot of his music on cassette tapes and reel to reels. Unfortunately, tape doesn’t last forever, especially if it isn’t stored correctly.


The Fanatiks

Kitty Wampus Gallery

Kitty Wampus is a fantastic local band in Knoxville TN. They do not do original songs, just covers. However, they always make it a party with their hard driven energy. Check out their page HERE


Kitty Wampus


Duane played with many talented artists; I was lucky to get a few of the songs he did with other artist. Some of these are just his solos, the 5ft2 is my dad and Duane playing together for fun. Duane did a lot with Jeff Comas which they recorded in Jeff’s studio. Duane also did some country which surprised me how well he did at it.