Save Your Love

In Memory of Duane Parks

His love for music gave us a gift that will last for eternity and beyond

Save Your Love is a site to pay tribute to a beloved brother and great musician Duane Parks. Since my brother’s death, I have run into so many people that knew him. Many knew him from a variety of band Duane played in. There have been a few that just knew him out of friendships. It quickly became obvious to me the impact Duane had on so many.

Duane wrote and performed a number of songs. These songs can be obtained here on this site. He had one song that I thought was awesome. The tile of the song is “Save Your Love”. There were many inspirations for Duane to write, this one was from a previous love. I have always enjoyed this song and thought is also fitting as I will always save my love for my brother.

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Save Your Love


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save your love

save your loveI met Duane in the mid 70’s at a Concord Park show when he was with Parcol. I asked if they needed any help with their equipment and they let me help load up their gear.

The next time I met Duane was when I was working at the old Skyway Drive-In, in Halls. I got a complaint that there was some people in the back row acting up, so I went to investigate and it was Duane and his cousins. I gave them a bag of popcorn and we became friends for life. I could tell you many, many stories of the adventures of Duane and myself but I’d have to write a book. Needless to say, I think of him every day and miss him terribly.


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Duane's Story

Duane has played with some great local bands; Lynx, Tyrant, Fanatiks, Tumble-Kings, Hip-Twangers and more. These were mostly local bands of Knoxville TN. However, he has played at Disneyland CA and shared billings with Shalamar, Peaches and Herb, Kool and the Gang and Paul Revere and the Raiders. Duane also played for a few years at Dollywood with Randy Parton around 1990.

In the 80’s he was with the “Fanatics.” They fronted Survivor and Guess Who, recorded tracks with Waylon Jennings and Jessie Colter’s daughter Jennifer. Then on into the 90’s, Duane recorded tracks with Lee Greenwood. His band “Kitty Wampus,” backed up Clifford Curry, Jimmy Gilmer, Buzz Casen, The Box Tops’ Gary Talley and Billy Swan. His last band was Kitty Wampus.

save your love